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What Our Agents Say

Want to know what it's really like to work with Helen Adams Realty? Talk to one of our business partners and agents. Below you'll find a few testimonials to what's it's like to work with us. Feel free to reach out to one of our agents for more information.


I’m really proud to be a part of the Helen Adams Realty family, and I don’t use the term “family” lightly.  From the top leadership to the agents and all the support staff in between, there is a spirit of camaraderie and sharing that makes this a very special brokerage.  The incredibly talented marketing staff creates stunning marketing brochures, flyers, videos, etc. that allow us agents to promote our clients’ homes in the best possible light and make them stand out among the competition.  The company has invested an extraordinary amount of resources in our company website and mobile app, that allow us to equip our clients with the latest in technology for a more enjoyable home-buying experience.  We all strive to become trusted real estate advisors for our valued clients, and the tremendous support provided by Helen Adams Realty helps us to fulfill that mission!

- Melissa Brown, Ballantyne Office


I have been with Helen Adams Realty since I began my career as a Realtor in 2000. In that time, we have expanded to 3 offices, ridden out the effects of 9/11, the Bubble, the Recession and now the Recovery. Through the years, the company has continued to provide the agents with excellent support from the staff and owners. I love working with a family company that has local history and fosters a feeling of community among all of us at Helen Adams. My clients and I benefit from the upgraded technology, exceptional training and education and support that I receive from the company! 

- Brandon Boyd, Randolph Rd Office


16 years at Helen Adams Realty and I continue to see and experience how our company continues to outpace and outperform our competition.  This is a fast moving business with new technology developing regularly, and we continue to excel in this area which translates into superior customer service and agent/broker market knowledge.

- Jerry Smith, Randolph Rd Office


I love my company as it represents Charlotte... we are family owned and it is a family.  We work, play and live among our clients... we are not national... or in another state... what we say, and do - our performance, earns us the right to continue to be here.  We strive for the very best and drive for results!

- Christine Hotham, Ballantyne Office


After interviewing with other companies in the Charlotte area, it became clear to me Helen Adams would be the best fit for me, especially as a new broker, but with a large network. After being with the company for a year, I feel even better about my decision to join. Our mindset is one of relationships, not transactions, and how to provide exceptional value to build an effective, sustainable referral-based client network. Only a small percentage of my business has been with first-order contacts - all the others have been referred to me. The initial training was very comprehensive and really helped prepare me to be a trusted advisor to my clients throughout their entire process, whether on the buying or selling side. The technology & marketing support really sets us apart and makes it easy for us to convey to potential clients that we have the resources and competence to truly represent their best interests and provide them the information and recommendations to allow them to make the critical decisions.

- Michael Krueger, Ballantyne Office


With a market consistently changing its important to be apart of a company that not only embraces change but stands out as a leader in the latest technological and educational programs to ensure their agents are also leading the way.

Helen Adams Realty consistently focuses their efforts on creating advanced marketing materials to provide their agents with a professional, polished and detailed portfolio that keeps their clients the most informed and their real estate looking the best when its time to sell. Couple that with a strong infrastructure of software and staff to not only ensure efficient transactions, but also to provide prospective clients with all of the latest resources they need to make the best decision.

Success in this business relies often on the success of your team. When you have all the right pieces in place and strive to keep them at their best everyday, you can ensure many successful relationships.

- Eric Layne, Randolph Rd Office


Helen Adams is a great place for a new agent to get her feet. The company is a family and creates a community among it's agents, bolstering support, encouragement, and accountability to provide excellence in service to their clients. Training is intentional, timely and strategic for all agents. BIC availability and knowledge is superior. Mostly, the HAR reputation is worth it's weight in gold.
- Lorelei Beightol, Ballantyne Office


I'm going on 15 years at Helen Adams Realty...in this business that speaks for itself. It is a great fit for me as there is so much training and support. Things are always changing in our business and it is vital that we keep up - from new rules and forms, to technology options, new marketing ideas and just bettering myself as a trusted real estate advisor. I am full time mom and Realtor, and don't have time to seek out new things right now - so being at Helen Adams where they are constantly doing that for me is invaluable- I am always up to date on important issues. I can attend sales meetings and classes anytime for free, there is a full staff to help with anything you need and an amazing group of other Realtors that are constant resources for each other. It is a very collaborative, supportive family environment and that is invaluable.

- Kelly Blandford, Randolph Rd Office


Being a brand new agent straight out of school. I was so appreciative for the amazing and thorough training and support I received from Helen Adams. I don’t know of another company that invests this much in new agents. You also get a tremendous amount of support from the other agents and staff. This training and support is invaluable for new agents as well as agents coming from other offices.

- Barbara Bonanni, Ballantyne Office


There are four main reasons that I think Helen Adams Realty is the very best real estate firm in Charlotte. It starts at the top with the Adams family. Each family member plays a very important role and they all lead by example in their work ethic (you won't out work any of them) and the way they support and invest in agents, and staff. It's truly second to none. We have an amazing staff and marketing team who support all of the agents within the company, helping us grow and improve. We have a training and coaching program that's equally as valuable to experienced agents as it is new agents and finally, HAR has a family like culture that encourages all of our agents to help one another achieve our greatest level of success. I can't imagine working anywhere else!

- Lawrence Mahool, Randolph Rd Office


I am new to the Real Estate business after spending my entire career in the service industry. My big three in looking for a firm to align with were training, marketing, and support. After interviewing with Helen Adams and a few other firms, I quickly realized that no one else came even close! Helen Adams has, without a doubt, lived up to all these and more. The bonuses are the family like atmosphere and the sharing culture! Multiple agents (too many to name) have taken time to answer my questions and help in mentoring me. There is no doubt in my mind that I am set up for success in my new adventure! Thanks Helen Adams!

- Christoper Bucey, Lake Norman Office


As a Charlotte native starting my career in real estate, I knew that I wanted to be a part of a local, boutique firm. I interviewed several companies and ultimately felt that Helen Adams Realty was the best fit. I can absolutely say that looking back on a successful first year at HAR, I am thankful to be where I am! I greatly appreciate the culture of the company, the training, and the resources provided to me. I am proud of what I’ve achieved thus far and can attribute much of that to the staff and other agents at Helen Adams that have been so helpful as I am learning the business.

- Michael Booe, Randolph Rd Office