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Education and Training Programs

Helen Adams Realty believes that excellence is achieved through continuous education and training. We have been a Ninja® company since 1999 and it is fully engrained in our training program, which is constantly evolving to best serve our agents. 



What We Teach:

The Ninja Selling System is a sales approach developed by Larry Kendall and The Group, Inc. in Colorado that is based on a philosophy of building relationships, listening to the customer, and helping them achieve their goals. It is less about selling and more about helping people.


The name “Ninja Selling" was derived from one of The Group, Inc.'s associates who was nicknamed “The Ninja” by the staff in his office. He had great sales volume, great customer satisfaction and referrals, and yet seemed to have a life outside of his career. He had by far the highest income per hour of any salesperson in the company. Larry Kendall began documenting the sales systems used by the original "Ninja" and other top sales people at The Group. Ninja Selling is the result.

Why We Teach:

The mission of Ninja® Selling is to do 3 things:

1.   Increase your income per hour.

2.  Increase your customer satisfaction.

3.  Improve the quality of your life. 


Helen Adams Realty fully embraces and utilizes the skills taught in the Ninja Selling system. Beyond our in-house training classes outlined below, we also subscribe to the Ninja Installations, taught in Fort Collins, CO at The Group, Inc. Once our agents have a few transactions under their belt and have completed our internal training system, we send groups out to the installations for a full immersion into the progrm.

How We Teach:

Our in-house training is taught on location at our offices. All of our classes are taught live, in small groups, by our Management Team which includes: Our Brokers-in-Charge, Chief Operations Officer, Controller, Relocation Director, Chief Marketing Officer, and our President, Jeff Adams.

Basic Training

Basic Training classes occur in multiple cycles per year and all new associates are automatically enrolled. Experienced agents are encouraged to join in for a refresher on the various topics covered. Helen Adams Realty’s training covers all the basic concepts of running your real estate business, from working with buyers and sellers to completing a business and marketing plan. We take the journey from prospect to post-close and run real life scenarios to prepare you for what you will encounter with clients as you navigate your career. This takes place over the course of three weeks. 

Week 1

The “admin training week” covers the topics of the Principles of Ninja, marketing and technology, contracts, Dotloop, and CRM platform.

Week 2

The second week is our “buyer week” and teaches you anything from business planning to working with buyers during every step of the transaction.

Week 3

The third and final week of training is “seller week”. This week teaches agents about hosting open houses, marketing a listing, preparing for market, and more.

Tech Talks + More

Courses focusing on technology, marketing, social media, updates in the market and industry, and more are updated yearly to keep our agents fresh on the most current trends and topics. These classes are held monthly at each of our offices.