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Experienced in Real Estate?


We know what it takes to partner with experienced agents. We have the support in place to assist you with your needs, and the technology and tools to help you with your business. From our staff help to our training program (everyone needs a refresher every now and then), we’ve got something to help you expand your career.


Jump into our training cycle if you need a refresher on anything from the basics - working with buyers, working with sellers, and business planning to working with our Accounting department how to keep your expenses and get paid quicker. Learn from our Relocation department more ways than you probably ever realized to get business through both your own and the company’s connections and website. Our training classes don’t take up all your time, because we want you to keep your business running while you take them. Just drop in when you can. And we always welcome the voice of an experienced agent when we teach our classes. The newer agents can learn so much from what you already do.


Need advice - our Brokers-in-Charge don’t compete with you. That means that they are in the office, Monday through Friday, purely to assist our agents with the questions and issues that pop up on a daily basis. Beyond that, we have agent common areas where you’ll bump into your fellow agents and can strike up a conversation about anything under the sun. Plus we have our agent distribution list through email, where you can digitally seek out advice on anything from subdivisions to builders to plumbers and contractors. Monthly office sales meetings give you a chance to meet up with agents and to hear topics that are affecting everyone. Quarterly company-wide sales meetings give you a chance to mingle with agents from all offices.


We also want to make sure we leverage our agents’ time. We have staff that can assist you with various aspects of your business so that you can focus on the important stuff: clients and deals. Our marketing team will produce your marketing materials, remind you when it’s time to send out items from your marketing plan, create your monthly newsletter, and get your listing brochures and flyers done. They’ll even help you customize your fully functioning website that we provide. Our office administrators will get your listings input into the MLS system, and make sure you have all the required documents for each of your transactions. We have a receptionist in each office that can greet your clients and guests, and who answers the phones and passes on any cold calls each location may receive. And then of course we have a full time accounting and relocation department, to assist both the company and agent business.


Want the latest in technology for real estate? Our suite of products is top of the line - we’re always adding something new. From searching to communities, we have what the consumer is looking for. And we make sure they take it with them wherever they go - we’ve got a mobile app, with all the features someone needs to find a home in the Charlotte market. We make sure our agents are armed with the latest and greatest technology, and we train you how to use it. Don’t worry about going out and choosing multiple vendors for your website, your client management software, your online storage solution, your email, your marketing. We’ve got it all covered.  

Ready to take the next steps? We can help! Come visit our offices and meet our Brokers-in-Charge, along with the President of the company, the Relocation team, the Marketing Director, and more. Get to know us, while we get to know you - we see ourselves as your business partners. Learn more about our offices.